“Social and emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware of our own emotions and those of others, in the moment, and to use that information to manage ourselves and manage our relationships. – definition from Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence.”

Learn the most valuable skills they don’t teach you in school.

Social and emotional intelligence is the knowledge you need to understand human dynamic–the art of being human. These soft skills are essential to succeed; they don’t come naturally and they aren’t taught in school.

The Business Case for Social + Emotional Intelligence

A great deal of solid, scientific research over the past few years has proven the benefits of bringing social and emotional intelligence into the workplace (or into your own personal development plans) The return on investment (ROI) for S+EI programs has been proven again and again in multiple organizations. For example:

  • Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals introduced S+EI training into a development group, and had a control group which did not receive the training. They wanted to determine whether the S+EI training was cost-effective. The development group which received the training increased their S+EI scores 18% over the control group. But more importantly, the development group that received the training outsold the control group by an average of 12% — or $55,200 per person per month. Multiplied by the 40 sales reps in the development group, the increase in sales was $2,208,000 per MONTH better than the control group, for an ROI of 600%.
  • At Pepsi, S+EI programs generated a 10% increase in productivity, an 87% decrease in executive turnover (saving $4 million), and had over a 1000% ROI.
  • MetLife’s S+EI programs with selected groups resulted in S+EI trained and coached sales people outselling their control group counterparts by 37%.
  • At L’Oreal, S+EI programs brought in $2.5 million more in sales in the first year.
  • At Sheraton, S+EI programs helped increase market share by 24%.
  • The reasons for losing customers and clients are 70% related to a lack of social and emotional intelligence. (The Forum Corporation on Manufacturing and Service Companies, 2004)
  • Even the U.S. Military has embraced S+EI training, coaching, recruiting and hiring. The U.S. Air Force reduced turnover among military recruiters from 50% to just 4% in one year, saving the federal government over $3 million in the first year of the program.
Sited from the Institute of Social + Emotional Intelligence

Why Social + Emotional Intelligence

Initially people turn to Social and Emotional Intelligence because they are having issues;

  • Or a crisis of confidence in themselves or their abilities and it is affecting their decision making.
  • Controlling their emotions around certain people, about certain topics or in certain situations.
  • Not being able to navigate relationships socially or within their organization, resolving to  withdraw and feeling disconnected.
  • Not being able to understand others and how and why they work often labeling them as difficult, idiot, stupid or worse.
  • Building deeper levels of trust and motivating others to get people to take action.
  • They have 1 or more particular people they have trouble dealing with and it creates unnecessary stress in their work / home relationships

A person who endeavors with this kind of coaching may also feel;

  • They have great communication skills but gets frustrated with their team when they don’t listen or do what they ask of them
  • Uneasy with conflict, so avoid it if they can
  • Trouble controlling emotions in high-pressure situations, if they feel attacked, or if defending their idea
  • They are great at their role and get great feedback from their bosses but can’t seem to get promoted
  • Difficulties with people are holding them back in their career
  • Stressed out thinking about work when they should be relaxing

Benefits of SEI Coaching

The benefits of coaching are LIFE CHANGING! If you apply yourself to this type of coaching you will experience one if not all and more benefits. According to the Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence. 

Research has demonstrated that people with strong social and emotional intelligence are healthier, have more satisfying marriages (and other relationships), and they even earn more over their life times .”

(Cohen, S. & Doherty, R., Psychological Bulletin, 2005, and Fredrickson, B., Positivity, 2009)

And the health benefits for enhancing our personal social and emotional intelligence are even more compelling. People with high social and emotional intelligence are:

  • Healthier, happier and more productive
  • Experience lower rates of chronic illness
  • Have lower disease risks
  • Have fewer symptoms and less pain when they do fall ill
  • Less likely to have high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes, or a stroke
  • More likely to live longer – up to ten years longer!

How My Clients Benefit

  • A promotion or a raise in as little as 8 weeks.
  • The ability to managed fast paced change with ease
  • More productive and creative at work.
  • Better decision making skills for themselves and their teams. 
  • Higher levels of team engagement and morale.
  • A healthier and more accurate assessment of themselves and their abilities and strengths.
  • Indestructible self confidence and the ability to accurately grow from mistakes and failures. 

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