Did you know according to studies*, individuals with higher levels of social and emotional intelligence;

  • are more productive,
  • are healthier,
  • have more positive relationships with their co-workers,
  • are better able to adapt to change in the workplace,
  • drive higher levels of employee engagement?

The old fashion way of improving your organization is through sales training/product training, hiring and firing employees, or revamping systems. To thrive in this AI world organizations are going to have to think outside of the box in order to keep up! 

Organizations that invest in social and emotional intelligence realize their return on investment quickly as evidenced by;

  • greater employee retention
  • increased sales and profits
  • reduced healthcare costs
  • increased employee satisfaction and engagement
  • reduced conflict and dysfunction in the organization

I help executives and organizations reduce the expensive cost of turnover,  lower the costly liability of internal conflict, and increase engagement and morale. When leaders in the organization are successfully managing their relationships with their employees, your time is freed up from dealing with employee-relations issues and disciplinary issues, allowing you to be more strategic and proactive in your HR leadership role.


 (*from the Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence)



As a leader supporting your own professional development, learn the most valuable skills they just don’t teach you in school.

Social and emotional intelligence is the knowledge you need to understand human dynamic–the art of being human. These soft skills are essential to succeed; they don’t come naturally and they aren’t taught in school.

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